Association Law

Mr. Schweitzer serves as General Counsel to the American Bus Association, the National Private Truck Council, the Conference on Safe Transportation of Hazardous Articles, the Gases and Welding Distributors Association, and the National Bus Traffic Association. He regularly advises these and other trade associations on governance and operational issues, including drafting of bylaws, election of directors and officers, tax-exempt status, employment issues, antitrust, hotel and vendor contracts, leases, directors and officer liability insurance, and commercial litigation.

Mr. Schweitzer has also established the corporate entity and obtained tax-exempt status for several foundations affiliated with trade association clients, and has established for-profit subsidiaries for several trade and professional associations as well.

As general counsel, Mr. Schweitzer has also retained and managed law firms and other outside counsel to handle litigation, mergers and consolidations, complex tax issues, antitrust, intellectual property and other specific matters that require specialized legal expertise.